Summer 1999... Banditism, narcotics, prostitution, tough echonomical position,  tension in relations to different nations and religions...To conclude the list of the troubles and horrors, above the heads of millions of people on planet  Earth appeared new horrors and terrors which the proffesional scientists thought  could become the very end of days. For some unknown reason it didnt happen and  the beggining of the end was far behind and so the smart people and scientists  said with a smart look on their faces that it didnt come yet but it will most  likely be here and no one knows when, but it will most likely be in the year 2000 and the reason will be either an endless war, either armageddon, or the revealings of the furious martians or creatures unknown to human kind, or maybe  an epidemy of the deadless chicken pox, or even a computer problem of the year 2000...could even be that the government and the military will be over powered  by those animals that have 2-3% differentse then the human DNA, by those that are known to us as the apes!...The year 1999 was moving slowly... So in those  hard times and terrifying predictions Sergiy (nicknamed Kicho) was fooling  around in his home town in Ukraine called Kiev. But soon his parents notified him that the whole family is moving to Australia. So October 1999 was when Kicho  came to Melbourne Australia. In that very same time, Dmitri (nicknamed Obyekt)  spent two years of his Aussie life with his nose in the not so Aussie, but  Asian, Ebony, and Orgy internet. But it seems that Kicho didnt really give a fuck about that. Only 4 days later, that very same town (Melbourne) that very same week, two brothers came from Georgia (a small country close to Russia):Named Vaktang(nicknamed Kimo) and Shota, nicknamed as Spilo. Soon  afterwards, the big thing happened, those verey important human beings who could change the destiny of the future met together, even though no one new about  Obyekt at that time.

Summer 2000...  So everyone is still waiting for the beggining of the end, and people start to get furious, some actually begin to be inpatient... Even in the tough un understoodable conditions it happened, Alex (nicknamed Syd) recently came  from Russia. Obyekt and another Dmitri (nicknamed Puncho), who also recently  came form the surroundings of the great black sea and was gaining weight very, unbelievebly fast! Thats when, that exact time they met Kicho and the brothers  of Georgia. Many say it was destiny and the will of nature, but most say it was  just a coinsidense. And thats when it didnt take long for Kicho and Kimo to make a rap band. Their music and songs are currently available to listen to in  Windows Media format in the sites section called MP3. The next thing on our minds was to start doing graffitii but the spray cans arent cheap and money is something we lack of at this time because the beer aint cheap here either but  still stays one of the most important factors of our young and not so innosent  lifes. And so when we did one graffitti, that was the end for our professional drawring carrier, it was just unaffordable. You can see our graffitti section by clicking here

Summer 2001... By the way the new years was pretty fucken boring for each one of us.  Kicho and Syd spent it with Syd's family and their family friends, had bear,  made fun of the younger family members, and threw bear bottles at neighbours, making them believe we are the scary martians. Obyekt and Puncho spent the whole  night in the city trying to pick up chicks, and like always they could not  succeed. Kimo and Spillo spent the new year with his family, who knows where.  But the summer it self went past pretty well. Beach, ocean, sand (Spilo loves those words), and sun shining in your eyes, giving your body a nice tan..... not bad.

Half a year since... so school has finished. Kicho, Syd and Obyekt have done their  exams and got their results already. Kicho and Syd done well, but about the  Obyekt's mark we will not comment (in order to keep our lifes safe. After all he  is a ruthless samuray worriar... might announce a blood tournament, like he did  ones already when Kicho accidentaly killed his favorite cockroach, but dont  worry - he gave him a slug with a top ranked pedigree) so now they are hoping to  get into Uni, so then they can do their best to find a job and greedly get alot of money. By the way, by that time new worriarz have joined our small fearless  gang- Sergiy who is nicknamed White, Will nicknamed Vavan, and Andrew simply nicked Anrew.

Summer 2002... Only couple of months since the terror attack in the US and since the  forceses of Australia and America moved into Afganistan in search for Osama Bin  Laden. So this is when the people really start to wonder, is world war 3 going to bring darkness upon planet Earth? But us... we like usually simply dont give a fuck. The newyear went by not too much different like the previous one, but  what did you expect, after all, dis is Australia.Syd spent it with his family...  Kicho, White, and Puncho hanged at Vavan's place, where alot of vodka was consumed, alot of pizza was filled into our stomahch's and alot of martians were  destroyed :). Kimo and Spilo spent their New Years with their wonderfull loving family, Obyekt chilled out no one knows where, no one knows how but everyone  knows for a pretty fucken long time.................. and this is our  life

Winter 2002 ... so the winter is cold, the nights are lonely, but that doesnt stop us from progress. The end of the world is still to come....

Weve  been having a holiday from rapping for quite a while but now, spending SOME money on new recordign equipment like a mixer, microphone, sound card, keyboard  and pc, the quality is now noticibly better then in the oder songs, thats why  they are being remade. Vavan aka Guilty-C has also joined the group so the  quantity raised with the quality. The quality of the new songs, didnt only erase the shitty ennoying sounds that you™d here in the old songs, but also all of our bank accounts. Because of new equipment we can actually call the place a studio which now afficially has a name Alcatraz Recordz.

21/09/ 2002... start of summer, the weather is noticibly changing and it is the start of schools 2 week holidays which gives us all more time to record some new  songs. Latest song was Fake Thugz (Russian version) and while planning to record  that in English, the next project is a track called “Outlaws” which should, by plan have a featuring. Each one of us is catching up with the cash working so theres money to spend so the recording will happen next week... stay tuned for  new tracks....

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