Name: Kicho aka Silent-C

D.O.B.: 23/06/83

Position in the group: MC, beatmaker

Favourite groups: Delinquent Habbits, Onyx, Wu-Tang, M.O.P.,  Bone Thugz, Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5, 2PAC, Invalidz of Kung-Fu, Bad Balance (old), Belomorkanal, G.Krichevskiy, S.Nagovitsin

Was born in Kiev, which is the capital of the Ukraine. Lived there untill turned 4 y.o and then spent 2 years in Siberia. Some time after coming back to his hometown, he went to school. At the beginning he studied well but was making lil trouble for teachers and parents. He was a normal kid. Well, almost normal. He could’ve been called normal if he didn’t like rap music dat much. At tha same time when his peers were listening to Spice Girls and Backstreetboys, he was looking for 2Pac, ONYX and Cypress Hill records in the local shops. And it was pretty hard to find there at that time.

Year 1995. He and his friends tried to make some recordings for the 1st time. The main themes of their tracks were dissin classmates and teachers.

End of 1998. Joined Darnitsa based rap group called Kannabiz Clan, recorded a couple of tracks with them and performed at 1 show

End of 1999. Moved to Australia, where he met Kimo (Dizzy C) and Spilo. Short time after the group called Rob Squad was made, which was later renamed to Freestyla Crimez (read more info in the FC history)

2000-2001. Silent was studying at school, fuckin around and sometimes makin tracks. That time was not productive for recordings.

End of 2001. Somehow he finished school and enrolled into uni where he is studying now. Sadly enough he just doesnt study well.

Begginin of 2002. Becouse of some criminal problems he had to spend most of his time at home to stay out of trouble. That time wasn’t useless. Coz he had notin to do, Silent-C started to go on the net a lot, where he met different poeple, mostly Russian rappers from all over tha world. With some of them, such as BLANK and UK, Rap-Lay, Zlobniy, DayMC & FreemindaZ FamilY, LeftLeg, who he made or will make tracks with.

Nowdays he is spending most of his time writing new songs and tryin to make something serious about his hip-hop career.

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