Name: Vavan aka Guilty-C       D.0.B- 19/4/86

Position in group- MC + website and graffic designer                                                               Favorite rappers/groups: Xzibit, Ice Cube, Kasta, Delinquent Habbits, M.O.P, Westside Connections.e

I was born in Odessa in Ukraine in `86 and went to a local private primary school where everything was all good and I had never heard a word such as rap before. After 11 and a half years of living in Odessa my parents thought it would be good to move to Australia since I can get better education, and so on- and so I came to Melbourne to St Kilda where I lived surrounded by total fuck ups and morons. When ma folks finally bought a house and I went to new school, which was about 2 n a half years later. I met Kimo (DiZZy-C) who started explaining to me the way of living in Australia and how fucked up the world surrounding us is.. so I thought what the hell and completely agreed with him which resulted in great understanding and evolution of Friendship which is still strong today and stays the number one priority.

Then the big moment happened, Kimo introduced me to the rest of thesociety and we went along just fine which then ended up a year later, me joining Freestyla Criminalz which it was called then and now known as Freestyla Crimez.

Fact: Originally, Silent-C had the idea of making a rap group and so when Dizzy and Silent hit it off, the groups name was Rob Squad J which then evolved with their experience to Freestyla Crimez and later on to Freestyla Criminalz. When I joined the group it was called Freestyla Crimenalz and changed back to Crimez later on.fact!

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